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Using friends to find a new job

14 March 2018

Is “networking” to find your next job really a good idea?  Not always.  In fact, usually not!

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Chillin' Competition (part 2)

13 April 2017

This is the second installment in what will be (I hope!) a four-part series on issues facing lawyers at various stages of their careers.  It was first published at the popular Chillin' Competition blog and is reproduced below.

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Don't let this happen to you!

17 February 2017

I had a chat earlier this week with a friend who offered up details of a recent misadventure involving Shotgun Sam, the cowboy recruiter.

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8 Common Writing Mistakes

8 April 2016

A very interesting article covering common writing mistakes! 

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One of a dozen!

4 March 2016

A few friends in the market have forwarded to us an email they received from a “database headhunter” (in our opinion, the lowest of the low). The email contained a dozen (!!!) badly worded and not particularly insightful profiles of corporate lawyers in Brussels.

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New Year: cold weather and cold calls!

5 January 2016

The new year is always a time for reflection and, having spent time with family and friends, our thoughts begin to turn back to work. 

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Chillin' Competition

3 January 2016

Steve was recently invited to contribute a series of articles on recruitment for the popular Chillin' Competition blog; his first article and an introduction from Alfonso Lamadrid can be found below or on Chillin' Competition.

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How to Prepare a More Effective CV

12 October 2015 / 2 Comments

Following on the heels of the interview that Le Petit Juriste recently conducted with Steve, we were asked to provide some advice and guidance on how to prepare a more effective CV.  It will be published in next month's edition and will be circulated to law students throughout France.

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Interview with "Le Petit Juriste"

7 October 2015

Le Petit Juriste, a magazine circulated to law students throughout France, interviewed Steve about the Brussels legal market.  Excerpts of that interview are contained in its October issue (Issue 31).  The full interview is set forth below.

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Cover letters - ditch them!

11 March 2015

I have long believed that using cover letters does a great disservice to candidates.  Sadly, though, the practice persists.

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