About Us

You may have noticed the fingerprint and wondered what it means.  It is a reminder that we are all different, with our own goals and desires, and that each of us is as unique as  .  .  .  well, a fingerprint.  This seems self-evident to us, of course, but many recruiters seem to forget or ignore what everyone else knows.  We never will!

Recruiting should not be a numbers game; sadly, though, that is precisely what it has become in too many instances.

Let’s face it, not every job is suitable for every qualified candidate. Our experience shows that, in a market like Brussels, for example, an experienced lawyer will have no more than a few appropriate opportunities available.  That being so, it makes no sense to submit a candidate for every job opening in the market.

We take the time to learn and understand our candidates' needs so that we can match them closely with those of our clients.

We take pride in the fact that we usually submit only one or two candidates for any given role.  Our clients appreciate that we respect and make best use of their time by submitting only the best and most appropriate candidates, and our candidates appreciate that we do not “shop” them around the market.

Our logo says it all:  we provide a personalized, professional approach to legal recruitment.  It’s unique, it's respectful, and it’s something we think you’ll find refreshing!


Steve Meier


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