He’s baaack! (Shotgun Sam, that is.)

20 March 2014

Actually, he has never left, and he is still up to his old tricks – trying to pull a fast one on clients and candidates alike.

One of our friends, a partner at a mid-sized law firm, called me the other day to let me know about something that recently happened to him at the hands of Shotgun Sam.  This is similar to the topic addressed in our earlier blog, “Fishing Expeditions”, but is, I suppose, really just another sad variation on a theme.  This story will come as no surprise to anyone who has been similarly treated (victimized?).

Our friend saw an advertisement in one of the legal publications.  The ad was a bit general, lacking details that might have allowed him to determine the possible identity of likely firms; against his better judgment, he  responded.  He admits, with the benefit of hindsight, that the generic nature of the ad should have been a red flag that things were not as they appeared. 

Shotgun Sam called him a week or so later, telling him that Smith & Jones was actively seeking someone with his specific profile (and implying that it was the firm behind the ad) and that they were keen to meet with him. 

An interview was arranged with two partners of Smith & Jones.  After initial get-acquainted chit-chat, our friend asked the partners why the firm had asked to meet him; they hadn’t, they replied, but rather had been told that he had asked Shotgun Sam to approach them with an attractive business proposal.

Mortification and consternation flooded the room.  Both parties had been lied to!  Both parties were put in an embarrassing and humiliating position.

Come to find out, as our friend later learned to his horror, Shotgun Sam had circulated his CV to a broad range of law firms, apparently in the hope that one or more of them might express some interest.

Based on what we have been hearing in the market lately, there seems to be a lot of this going on right now – for juniors and seniors alike. 

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