One of a dozen!

4 March 2016

A few friends in the market have forwarded to us an email they received from a “database headhunter” (in our opinion, the lowest of the low). The email contained a dozen (!!!) badly worded and not particularly insightful profiles of corporate lawyers in Brussels.

This database headhunter, located in the northwest of England and who more than likely has never set foot in Brussels (forgive us for wondering whether he can even find Brussels on a map), had sent these corporate lawyer profiles to every partner at each of these firms (i.e., competition partners and trade partners and regulatory partners and litigation partners and IP partners and life sciences partners and [take a breath!] equity partners and local partners and   .  .  .   well, you get the picture).

Quite apart from the wildly unfocused shotgun approach, how very special must these poor candidates feel about being lumped together in such a shabby way with a dozen other candidates?  That assumes, of course, that they even know (I suspect that they don’t!).

Talk about throwing mud at the wall in the hope that something sticks!

From the very junior to the fairly senior corporate lawyer, all of them are lumped together like so many items from a restaurant buffet:  the recipients of the mass email are invited to choose among “candidate A” or “candidate B” or “candidate C” or “candidate D” or   .  .  ..

Given the level of detail provided, it seems to me that this may be a reverse fishing expedition, but more on that in a future blog post.

A number of lawyers on the list are too junior to be working with recruiters; they would have been better served by following Steve’s advice on Chillin’ Competition.  As for the more senior candidates, they would be better served by working with someone who knows the market and does not rely on bulk emails – especially emails directed to any and every lawyer in Brussels who has the title “partner” attached to his or her name.

The only [ahem] “redeeming” feature of the whole episode is that the profiles were anonymous.  Nonetheless, those of us who know the market can determine with some degree of certainty the identity of a few of the candidates.

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