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Social media -- friend or foe?

13 December 2013

It’s that time of year again! Christmas parties, festive drinks, sports club socials, long lunches, extended post-work cocktails . . . the list is nearly endless.

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A tip for CV preparation – addressing gaps

15 November 2013

In my 30+ years as a lawyer I have seen a number of fads regarding the preparation of CVs.

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Our “Top Tips” for Young Lawyers – Your First Job

21 October 2013

As you may have seen in our last blog, we are updating our presentation to the latest crop of students at the College of Europe. We think that the advice we provide deserves a wider audience, so over the coming weeks we will be presenting a number of our "top tips".

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Helping Prepare the Future Generation

4 October 2013

We have just received an invitation to address students at the College of Europe early in the new year. This follows on from our very successful session earlier this year and is now becoming an annual event. We hope that it will soon become an institution!

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"The Dignity of Work"

27 September 2013

We recruiters sometimes come across candidates who make unfortunate decisions that can impact career development for many years. Sometimes even derail a career. We all make mistakes, of course, and our goal should be to learn from them. But what about trying to avoid them?

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Fishing Expeditions

17 September 2013

We had a call last week from a friend to tell us that she had been approached by Shotgun Sam claiming that his client instructed him to approach our friend about a position, yet he refused to identify the client or to provide her with any details about the role.

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Introducing . . . “Shotgun Sam”

15 September 2013

We’d like to introduce you to someone we are calling “Shotgun Sam”. Actually, you have probably already come across him. A lot! He’s the recruiter with no shame.

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